Complete Gutter Cleaning

about us

Several years ago while looking at ways to expand Complete Gutter Cleaning  we looked at what our customers REALLY wanted in regards to locating and booking our services.

It became blindingly apparent that our customers wanted to know three things:

  • How much do our services cost?
  • What services do we offer?
  • When can it be done?

The first two questions were difficult to answer unless the customer is a repeat client or we go to the property and give a quote. We discovered that the time spent quoting (apart from having to charge higher prices to try and recoup some of the costs of quoting) was preventing us from being able to make more bookings meaning the jobs we had to do would either back-up causing us to either miss or be very late to the next appointment or the quality of our service suffered because of time constraints.

The answers? Simple…A guaranteed fixed price based on per room for either a single or a double storey house and offering a comprehensive set of services. Even if the homes were quite large it was still better for us not to have to go to the house to quote first and better for our customers because we are able to reduce our prices and our customers always know how much they are paying, right from the start.

The third question was easy.. Let our customers choose the date and time of their booking. These days there are many online scheduling programs which are both secure and very easy to use. Our customers can make a confirmed booking on the day they want it done safe in the knowledge that their information cannot be accessed by anyone other than our company.

So now we have a booking system that allows our customers to instantly reserve a date and time for us to attend and a pricing policy which gives complete confidence in how much it will cost and the range of services we will perform.

Have a close look at our concept and we know you’ll agree.It’s the simplest, easiest, most time effective and most cost effective way to book your next gutter cleaning appointment.